Company Profile

Companies would like to expand the market of goods to international to sell our locally-made product.


Long-term plans to diversify the company's sales of goods, and sell only products of high quality and of measures to achieve the vision of the company.

Company History 

Online Shopping Store sdn.bhd company founded on January 5 2011.The owner of this company is a university student who majored in Technology Management.Idea of early establishment of this shop that based in e-commerce was triggered when he saw the opportunity to generate additional income in the area of online business. Internet technology is promising, given the widely used and likely to become more pervasive in the years soon.See the successes earned by other online business owners, the desire to create their own online companies become increasingly unbearable and finally in January 2011 the company established . at the beginning of this company, the products are sold only hijab and then expand by selling fabrics, and then sell clothes.The reason was because , company saw a market for these products has become very fashionable now, and not difficult to sell. this company only sells products or goods for females only, but possibly in the future will expand its business by selling various products used and so on for all genders and ages.

Company Organization Chart


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